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Her message is as follows:

This is my twin sister. In Korea, her name was Koh, Yoen Ok. Her birthdate is also April 16,1980. She also was sent to Ilmagwon orphanage. She was also adopted through David Livingstone Missionary Foundation (now Eastern Child Welfare Society) in Korea, at the age of 5. Right now, I have a new friend reaching out to Eastern Child Welfare to hopefully find out more!! In the meantime—She could be anywhere in this world. Ask around. Contact me: . I also wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of support. What a great opportunity I have had, to chat with people from all around the globe! I pray for all of us looking for our families and our histories. I am keeping the faith! Thank you, Daniel Hyung Joon Kim, for all of your help! Share and like! I know a lot of people wanted to see updates! 

Thanks everyone for all the help, we still need to keep looking, spread the word!



i hope that, wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy. that’s all that matters



kiss by tahra